A 2022 View: Educators face tougher competition – and higher student expectations during recruitment

Competition over students has reached a fever pitch. Amid a continued global pandemic, student enrollments have sharply declined, leaving recruiters scrambling to find new methods of convincing potential students to choose their institution over its competitors. Some institutions have waived their application fees and SAT requirements; others have forged partnerships with recruiting agencies in an attempt to overcome declining enrollments.

But will these short-term measures be enough to ensure success in an increasingly competitive market? A more sustainable solution may lie in improving the application experience. This paper will provide actionable insights into how recruiters can maximize their enrollments by making potential recruits feel welcomed and “at home” throughout every stage of the recruitment process. It will further explore:

  • The current competitive state of the higher education and training market
  • How to produce optimal recruitment journey maps in four steps
  • Why competitive recruitment experiences require data management and journey automation