A Bird’s Eye View of the Lucrative RV Sector and its Tech Enhancement

While the pandemic shattered most of the sectors within the travel industry, it allowed the recreational vehicle (RV) and campground sectors to flourish. The global RV market surpassed US$ 55 billion in 2020, a US$ 4 billion increase from the year before – and its growth is not predicted to taper off anytime soon. The latest report from Global Market Insights Inc. reveals the sector's market valuation is expected to surpass US$ 125 billion by 2027.

For the first time, the majority of RV owners are under 55 years of age and fall into generation X, millennial, and generation Z categories. As younger generations make up the primary demographic of RV adventurers, executives are taking note of new consumer expectations – which we have outlined in this white paper.

Readers will also learn about:

  • The profitable glamping sector and glamping in an RV
  • Road-trippers’ affinity for using apps
  • Tech-enhanced resort experiences
  • The advantages of an automated booking system