A Hardware Retailer’s Guide to Delivering Customer-Centric, Digitally-Integrated Experiences

Hardware retailers need a digital boost. In recent years, it’s become clear that businesses in the space can’t meet modern business demands if constrained by limited online functionality and data silos. The hardware retail industry needs modern-day tools to succeed — and without fully embracing digital transformation, retailers may struggle to address customer needs, combat supply chain issues, or attract a digitally-savvy, experientially-attuned customer base.

In this white paper, Gerent addresses how hardware retailers can better meet the demands of a modern market by expanding their digital presence and centralizing their data.

This paper covers:

  • How data siloization and an inadequate online presence can result in widespread inventory shortages, declining customer engagement, and data inaccuracies.
  • How digital transformation efforts can allow retailers to expand their influence in the digital sphere, register customer demand accurately, and connect with customers on the platforms they frequent.
  • How businesses can create a framework that allows retailers to quickly and efficiently transform, creating a firm foundation for the future.