A New Chapter: Reintroducing Post-Graduates to the Educational Ecosystem

The student journey is often viewed as starting at admissions and ending at graduation, with institutions considering alumni outreach nonessential. But with this perspective, a vital aspect of the student journey — one that can benefit graduates and their alma maters in equal measure — is being neglected. Graduation is not the ending of the student journey; instead, it’s the beginning of a new chapter.

Concluding our series on journey mapping, this white paper addresses the post-graduate journey, why educational institutions should enhance how they view it within their institutional goals, and how it maximizes the value of the student experience. It will address:

  • The current state of alumni outreach and why continuing to invest in alumni engagement is beneficial for educational institutions
  • The cyclical nature of the student journey and how positive post-graduate journeys can support the educational ecosystem
  • How educational institutions can create an infrastructure that supports the post-graduate journey