Automate Accurate, Just-in-Time Repricing with Salesforce

Manufacturers can’t afford to keep “making do” with outdated repricing processes. Over the last two years, market volatility has turned semi-annual repricing into a near-constant struggle. Inconsistent labor pools, demand spikes, and fluctuating raw-material prices have caused enough price fluctuation to warrant monthly repricing. Unable to keep pace, manufacturers have resigned themselves to revenue leaks and rampant inefficiency.

But do they need to do so? As it turns out, this problem may have a ready solution: digitalization. The following white paper will unpack:

  • Why all of the problems associated with repricing — from inefficiency to disorganization and logistical confusion — can be traced back to manual processes
  • Why manufacturers need to digitalize their pricing approach as well as their repricing methods
  • How to design and enact a realistic transformation with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud
  • What a fully-transformed repricing process looks like