Break Free of Outdated Sales Silos with Manufacturing Cloud

For years, manufacturers have put sales digitalization on the back burner and funneled their innovation budgets toward supply chain optimization. But now, that out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach is beginning to pose consequences. Left to stagnate with outmoded processes, non-transformed sales teams have become fragmented and inefficient.

This white paper will unpack the practical problems associated with manual sales and explain why “going digital” could be the key to unlocking much-needed operational improvements and strategic agency. It will further consider:

  • Why old-school “fiefdom culture” restricts collaboration, clouds visibility, and hinders team performance
  • How CRM tools like Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud can eliminate silos and ensure more effective sales operations
  • A practical example of how “going digital” can give sales leaders more oversight of department operations and facilitate timely interventions to maximize revenue