Catering to Guest Preferences in the Everchanging Hotel Sector

Although the pandemic has affected every sector around the world, the hotel industry has been particularly hard-hit. Akin to many other industries, hotels and resorts will see significant shifts in the post-pandemic era. In order to rise from the ashes, hotels will need to pivot substantially and reconsider many elements of their operations.

An effective approach to keeping loyal customers satisfied is to modify the existing rewards programs available to them. A loyalty program that offers one free night after two bookings is not realistic with today’s travel restrictions, as people are traveling much less. A more reasonable program could offer a guest a complimentary massage, beauty treatment, or main course if they stay with you for four nights. The more likely rewards are to be used, the more likely you are to retain the customer.

This white paper endeavors to explore how hotels can continue to build customer loyalty, outline technological innovations the lodging sector has adopted and examine effective ways hotels can expand their reach to convert new audiences.