Close Claims Faster and More Accurately With Salesforce’s Data and Automation Tools

Today, claims processing is often confusing for policyholders accustomed to enjoying personalized and seamlessly supportive experiences in other industries. Insurers hope that by delivering more convenient and digital-forward policyholder experiences, they can boost satisfaction rates, inspire loyalty, and drive better business outcomes. However, incorporating digital tools as-needed isn’t the same as executing a value-add claims transformation.

If insurance organizations want to improve the front-end claims experience, they must also transform their back-office processes around claims adjudication. In this paper, we consider how insurers might reimagine their back-office claims approach in a way that makes full use of available technology.

We will further unpack:

  • Why insurers need to think beyond front-end experiences if they want to boost customer satisfaction
  • How manual back-office processes can undermine front-end digital experiences
  • Transformative benefits: how insurers can accelerate claims processes, cut down on revenue and expense leakage, and facilitate better experiences with Salesforce