Designing Breakaway Consumer Experiences: A 2022 Guide

It is widely recognized that the healthcare industry lags behind other sectors when it comes to creating breakaway experiences. This lapse may seem odd from a high-level viewpoint — after all, invaluable consumer data has all but flooded the market in recent years. The emergence and widespread adoption of EHR systems, ICD-10 reference codes, wearable devices, and all-payer claims databases should have prompted a wave of experiential improvements in the healthcare sector.

But, to borrow a quote from Harvard Health writer Chris Orchard, "Customer-driven strategies have, in the healthcare industry, remained elusive." This paper will provide context on the current state of consumer experience in healthcare and provide practical insights on how industry organizations can operationalize better and more effective consumer interactions. It will further:

  • Explain why consumer experiences represent a crucial opportunity for competitive differentiation
  • Outline the defining features of a "breakaway" consumer experience in healthcare
  • Consider how digitalization can empower care delivery organizations to design and deliver optimal experiences