Digital Claims Provide Satisfying Experiences and Deliver High ROI

The case for claims transformation almost writes itself. Insurers can reap tremendous operational and service benefits from “going digital” — which, in turn, can provide a crucial advantage in a competitive market. High-caliber, digitally-empowered claims experiences have become a crucial point of differentiation in an industry that increasingly prioritizes convenient, empathetic, and timely experiences.

However, digitalization isn’t a turnkey solution, and improvement potential doesn’t always translate into real-world gains. Insurers need to approach the claims elevation process strategically or risk their investment falling flat.

This paper will consider:

  • The back-office and customer service value that claims digitalization can provide
  • How digital claims stand to raise the bar on insurance experiences — and why some improvement initiatives fall short of their potential
  • How digital insurers can (re)design their claims experiences around modern consumer behaviors and preferences