Distributors Build More Efficient, Empathetic Opportunity Pipelines with Digital Relationship Management

Relationships require people — but how involved should humans be in managing them? For years, distributors have relied on their sales reps to forge and maintain robust consumer bonds. The rationale for this delegation is intuitive; empathetic relationships are stronger and more lucrative than purely transactional ones. However, these efforts can backfire if teams are overwhelmed by the incoming communications and don't have the time (or attention) to spare for relationship-building.

This white paper unpacks the adverse outcomes that human-reliant opportunity pipeline management processes often deliver and makes a case for sales digitalization.

It further considers:

  • Why human-managed distribution relationships can result in limited visibility, lost sales, and subpar service
  • How digital frameworks empower distributors to cultivate stronger relationships and achieve their sales potential
  • A practical example of how digitalization might empower a project-based distributor to expand its market share and achieve more strategic operations