Drive Donor Acquisition and Improve Nonprofit Performance with Salesforce

Analytics can empower nonprofits to discover and access untapped markets as traditional donor support wanes. However, nonprofits’ reliance on fragmented tools has inadvertently hindered their progress. The lack of centralized data poses challenges in identifying and segmenting leads, making it difficult to conduct personalized marketing efforts at scale.

To secure and cultivate relationships with new donors, nonprofits must actively pursue transformative initiatives to unlock powerful analytical capabilities. In this white paper, we:

  • Explore why traditional sources of donations are under strain and how nonprofits are responding to waning contributions
  • Describe the role of analytics in securing and building relationships with new donors, as well as retaining traditional donors
  • Present Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) and Marketing Cloud as potential solutions, highlighting each product’s unique value-add for nonprofits