Electrical Distributors Can Supercharge Their Unique Processes with Salesforce

Electrical distributors have traditionally relied on low-tech tools to operate and struggled to compete as others adopt high-tech solutions. They want to surpass the industry-wide standard of DOS-based ERPs and Excel spreadsheets. However, digitalization provides a challenge, as distributors don’t want to change existing processes or struggle to learn complex systems.

Electrical distributors want to take a small step in terms of technology and have their tools produce a giant leap in value. Fortunately, there is no one way to digitalize “correctly,” and organizations can embrace (and receive the benefits of) a low-effort, high-value transformation.

This white paper will unpack:

  • The low-tech industry standard, and how inefficiencies hinder distributors’ operations
  • The benefits of implementing a CRM solution — and the minimal prep work needed to deliver results
  • The advantage of integrating ERP systems, marketing software, and Salesforce into a connected whole