Eliminate Revenue Leaks and Improve Contracting Efficiency with Digitalized Repricing

Repricing used to be an annual endeavor. Every fall, manufacturers would set aside a few weeks to recalculate their production costs and reconcile their list prices and contracts to suit. Teams could handle the few weeks of overwork — but in a market made volatile by high demand and unpredictable production costs, repricing has become a costly and near-perpetual struggle.

In this white paper, Gerent explores how market volatility has compelled manufacturers into an unsustainable race against rising prices.

This asset unpacks:

  • Why outdated manual processes, rather than Covid disruption, are to blame for manufacturers' current repricing crisis
  • How manual processes can undermine a business's customer service, operational efficiency, and revenue intake — and why manufacturers can't afford to write off the loss
  • Why manufacturers shouldn't resign themselves to outdated repricing processes when automation-forward solutions are readily at hand