Emerging Legislation Creates New Communication Challenges for Payers

Under new guidance passed by the New York State Department of Health on October 1, 2022, healthcare payers are now required to align with enrollees’ and beneficiaries’ specific preferences regarding coverage communications. The new guidelines represent a broader shift in the healthcare industry towards a more member-centered and empathetic model.

While this legislation — and other articles like it — represent a step forward in creating more personalized, attentive healthcare experiences, they also pose a challenge for payers throughout the country. Today, many healthcare organizations simply don’t have the advanced technology to store the information required to provide customer-centric communications. This white paper will explain the details of the new guidelines, as well as why they signal a bigger change in the healthcare industry.

Additionally, it will discuss:

  • Why payers, even those located outside of New York State, should make personalized outreach a priority
  • What member-centric care is and why it matters
  • The potential roadblocks payers may face when switching to a member-centric model, as well as the consequences they could face if they fail to do so
  • Why implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) platform should be payers’ first step toward providing customer-centric care