Emerging on the Other Side of the Pandemic: Supercharging Enrollment and Retention

After 15 long months, the end of the pandemic is finally on the horizon; education and training providers of various types are resuming in-person classes this fall, and many students are gearing up for their return to campus life. Despite the country's fervent desire to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, students, parents, and stakeholders seem to be divided about what the future of education should look like.

As we are navigating through the messy middle of the pandemic’s conclusion, trends related to the future of online and in-person education are emerging. Irrespective of which avenue training and education institutions will choose to pursue, it is clear that tech-driven practices are here to stay. Leveraging a solution like Salesforce allows institutions of all types to flourish by boosting enrollment, student engagement, and retention more effectively than ever before.

This whitepaper considers how organizations can develop a strategic approach that acknowledges the “new normal” of education and provides a seamless, tech-enabled experience that suits the real needs of today’s students.

Readers will also learn about:

  • Technology practices educators are choosing to keep in the long-term
  • How to boost student engagement to drive higher success rates
  • Retaining students past the drop/add period
  • The rise of flexible offerings