Financial Services Organizations Unlock Legacy System Value With Salesforce

Banks and credit unions can no longer coast on the service conventions of yesteryear. Amid increased competition, rampant digital disruption, and the looming signs of oncoming recession, institutions throughout the financial services sector are under pressure to provide high-value service to their customers and members — or risk losing them to more appealing competitors.

That said, if institutions can deliver convenient, personalized experiences to their existing customers, they will be better positioned to cultivate long-term loyalty and distill more value from their account holders. However, many institutions face a critical hurdle: antiquated legacy systems.

In this paper, we will consider:

  • Why banks and credit unions should make deepening their relationships with existing customers and members a priority
  • Why user-unfriendly legacy systems often prevent institutions from accessing the timely data they need to provide top-notch service
  • How banks and credit unions can leverage Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to unlock legacy system data, deliver more personalized experiences, and drive ROI investment