Health Cloud Facilitates Seamless Care Coordination for High-Risk Patients

In recent years, value-based care has become an innovative force within the commercial healthcare market. This proactive, outcomes-centric approach can deliver substantial value to payers, providers, and patients alike — if executed correctly. To reap the benefits of a value-based strategy, a healthcare organization must have exceptional insight into its beneficiary data and the ability to trigger timely, constructive outreach.

Attempting to manage patient journeys manually or with the scant support of an antiquated digital system is an exercise in futility. However, with the assistance of an advanced digital framework like Salesforce's Health Cloud, matters become significantly easier to manage. This white paper will:

  • Overview the benefits a value-based strategy can provide to payers, providers, payviders, and patients alike
  • Outline the process orchestration and data management challenges faced by a hypothetical payer-employed provider network
  • Provide a practical illustration of how Salesforce Health Cloud can facilitate seamless care coordination for high-risk patients