Higher Ed and Training Organizations Can Meet the Upskill Boom Head-On

For educators, the time to rethink strategy is now. Covid-19 is finally waning, vaccinations are progressing, and demand for skills training is through the roof. The Fall 2021 semester is shaping up to be a game-changer — if, of course, institutions are prepared for it.

However, the strategies and models that captured student interest pre-Covid may not be as effective in post-pandemic times. The market has evolved, student priorities changed, and standards for e-learning have risen. Education providers must understand and adapt to the new industry landscape if they wish to make the most of the current upskill boom and, in the long term, remain competitive.

This whitepaper considers how organizations can develop a strategic approach that acknowledges the “new normal” of education and provides a seamless, tech-enabled experience that suits the real needs of today’s students.

This article will also conduct a deep dive into:

  • The economic factors driving the upskill boom
  • How organizations can adapt their strategic plans and offerings to suit new learner priorities
  • Why digital transformation is a competitive necessity for higher education institutions and training organizations post-pandemic
  • What Marketing Cloud can do to uphold and further educators’ marketing initiatives during the upskill boom