Improving Auto Customer Experience, Satisfaction, and CLTV: An Omnichannel Use Case

Customer expectations in the automotive sector are at an all-time high. Today, shoppers expect car buying to be as easy and seamless as purchasing a computer at Best Buy or an item from Amazon. However, the car-buying experience often falls short of those expectations, leaving consumers feeling confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated by their sales or service experiences.

This white paper will explain why experiences are inextricably tied to customer return rates and operational performance and make a case for why organizations should adopt an omnichannel approach to customer engagement.

It will further discuss:

  • Where dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are falling short when it comes to customer experiences
  • How those negative experiences can impact a company’s performance
  • How utilizing a centralized data system can improve business outcomes and increase customer satisfaction
  • An example of what a positive customer experience looks like when an organization is digitally transformed