Manufacturers Can Leverage Salesforce to Empower Knowledge Workers and Drive Innovation

As manufacturers’ competitive standing becomes increasingly correlated with operational efficiency, knowledge workers are their best asset in “doing more with less.” However, knowledge workers’ engagement wanes as they struggle to enact change, occupied with tedious manual tasks. Organizations need a solution to take the burden of manual tasks off of these professionals and leave them free to pursue innovative solutions.

Manufacturing Cloud empowers knowledge workers to be active intrapreneurs in their organizations. Leveraging clearer communication, centralized data, and the task automation, knowledge workers can regain autonomy and embrace their creative role. In this white paper, we’ll break down:

  • Why the impetus for change exists, and the role knowledge workers play in corporate evolution
  • How antiquated work management systems prevent knowledge workers from acting as intrapreneurs
  • How Manufacturing Cloud can eliminate manual process coordination and give knowledge workers the time and capacity they need to enact positive change