Manufacturing Cloud Facilitates Accurate Forecasting with Improved Pipeline and Market Visibility

Today, manufacturers need to accurately forecast market demand to collaborate with their partners and remain profitable. Unfortunately, non-digitalized organizations rely on antiquated tools and siloed data and have limited pipeline and market visibility. As a result, these manufacturers cannot forecast accurately or respond to sudden market shifts; a disastrous combination that can lead to unpredictable financial losses.

Manufacturers need to expand their forecasting capabilities to remain competitive — and to do so, they must break down silos and improve their analytical capacity. Fortunately, Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud provides a digitalized framework that manufacturers can use to centralize data and deepen their pipeline and market visibility. This white paper further explores:

  • How antiquated technology causes “just-in-time” manufacturing strategies to break down
  • The roles pipeline and market visibility play in accurate forecasting, as well as the importance of reacting agilely to demand shifts
  • How Manufacturing Cloud can provide value to businesses looking to expand their forecasting capabilities