Maximize Value-Based Care Savings via Better Data Management & Process Orchestration

In recent years, value-based care has emerged to stage a full-on model revolution within the American healthcare system. Unlike fee-for-service arrangements — which reimburse providers based on the services they provide — value-based care contracts link compensation directly to care quality and patient outcomes. However, if a care organization lacks the means to collect, organize, and act upon its patient data, it will not be able to reap the full benefits of an outcomes-based strategy.

This white paper delves into the functional hurdles holding care organizations back from model innovation and considers how payers and providers might leverage innovative technology to overcome them. It further explores:

  • The state of the value-based care revolution: how outcomes-based strategies are shaping the commercial healthcare market
  • Why data management and process orchestration are the most significant barriers to value-based model success
  • How payers and providers can leverage digital frameworks like Salesforce Health Cloud to deliver better patient outcomes and achieve cost-savings