Meeting Learners’ Evolved Expectations in the Competitive Online Education Sector

Increased competition among online learning providers has been cited as a major fiscal challenge for organizations in the space. As the remote education and training sector has grown to be a highly competitive industry and today’s learners are more digitally aware, online education providers need to ensure their digital presence is optimal, so as to stand apart from their competition.

Several eLearning platforms have received unicorn valuations of over $1 Billion and massive investment is fueling the sector. Tech giants have taken an interest in the sector as well; Facebook has invested in BYJU'S and Microsoft has joined LinkedIn Learning. In addition to traditional education programs, hundreds of niche platforms now offer online learning courses in various fields, such as health, digital marketing and technology training.

This white paper explores why online education organizations’ digital presence must be differentiated in today’s competitive climate, why catering to consumers’ changing demographics and expectations is essential, and the profound importance of leveraging data to increase the recruitment and retention of learners.