Need to Boost Enrollments? Achieve Applicant Loyalty with Personalized Journey Mapping

The pressure prospective students face during the Applicant process is undeniable. Candidates stress over their personal statements for months at a time, desperately trying to find the right words to convince their dream school(s) they deserve a place on the next term's roster. But once the application deadline passes, that burden reverses; suddenly, institutions must scramble to convince applicants to choose their programs over competitors’.

In this white paper, Gerent considers how institutions can use journey mapping to cultivate applicant allegiance and maximize the chances of a student picking their program over competitors’.

It will further unpack:

  • Why popular recruitment strategies have increased the pressure on admissions teams.
  • How admissions teams can craft pre-enrollment experiences that convince applicants to hold off on accepting other offers, enroll when given an opportunity, and stay committed during the lead-up to their program start date.
  • Why institutions should consider parallel-tracking gamified loyalty programs alongside their admissions journey maps.