Providing Personalized Service at Scale: The Role of Tech in Distribution

Amid a turbulent economy, digital-forward giants like Amazon have gained a foothold in the distribution sector, encroaching on market territory that more conventionally-minded distributors have long taken for granted. Conventional players have an advantage over these digital newcomers – after all, they have experience, industry knowledge, and long-lasting relationships that their competitors cannot emulate. However, many distributors cannot currently capitalize on that edge, constrained as they are by antiquated and silo-ridden infrastructures.

In this white paper, we explore how distributors can surmount the competitive challenge by embracing digitalization, eliminating operational silos, and elevating their customer experiences. We’ll further discuss:

  • The siloization problems that prevent distributors from reaching their competitive potential
  • How CRMs can expand a distributors’ capability to provide personalized, even “superhuman” service at scale
  • How advanced marketing, AI, and integration tools can empower distributors to leverage data-driven insights and construct a seamless omnichannel customer experience