Reassure Customers and Members During Moments that Matter with Salesforce and Real-Time Data

Consumers are more stressed than ever before, and it's easy to see why. Inflation is rising, interest rates are skyrocketing, and market uncertainty has become a daily reality. Customers and members are understandably anxious about their finances — and when worst-case scenarios happen, they need well-informed, compassionate support from their financial services providers.

This white paper will explain how the banking industry can use Salesforce’s real-time CRM capabilities to operationalize customer data and deliver well-informed, empathetic service during the moments that matter most.

The asset will further unpack:

  • Why the industry should care about providing well-informed service during uncertain economic times
  • The value of a real-time CRM: how Salesforce for Financial Services empowers employees to deliver seamless, satisfying omnichannel experiences by integrating core banking systems and ensuring down-to-the-millisecond data accuracy
  • A hypothetical scenario: how a call center representative might leverage Salesforce to help an anxious customer or member resolve a complex mortgage concern in record time