Rethinking the Patient Experience Could Usher in a New Tomorrow for Healthcare

Today, technology underpins nearly every aspect of healthcare provision, from recording patient information to facilitating communication and even developing diagnoses. Every use case is crucial to modern medical practice — and yet, the incorporation of technology isn’t cohesive by any stretch of the imagination. The integration of digital tools into healthcare operations has so far been piecemeal, done with the intent to support rather than reimagine existing processes.

This isn’t to say these updates haven’t been extensive or effective; they have. But what if providers could take that innovative thinking one stride further? What if, rather than merely propping up existing processes, we used digital tools to reimagine the patient experience?

With Salesforce’s Health Cloud, providers can dare to envision a more ambitious future. In this whitepaper, Gerent will consider:

  • How the healthcare-specific CRM framework can solve long-held industry concerns relating to interoperability, population health management, care coordination, and patient engagement
  • The Health Cloud product set, its functionalities, and value proposition
  • Why Health Cloud will, when applied within a “patient-centric” context, set the foundation for the “new tomorrow” of healthcare