Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers Can Recoup Investor ROI via Automated Process Flows

In specialty chemicals, R&D teams have long struggled to deliver the results investors expect. Industry organizations have been hindered by legacy tech and data fragmentation; for many, the resultant data silos have caused internal miscommunication, undermined business case creation, and constrained profits.

Manufacturers have attempted to leverage solutions such as portfolio adaption to change the paradigm and recoup ROI. However, few are currently looking at the processes themselves and how they can solve the underlying problems caused by siloization. In this white paper, we consider how centralizing data through a CRM can address these pain points and help specialty chemicals producers regain their competitive edge. We will further discuss:

  • The current outlook of the specialty chemicals industry, and how how data siloization impacts process structures
  • How CRMs can break down data silos, facilitate interdepartmental communication, and empower manufacturers to leverage data-driven insights
  • How CRM solutions facilitate a positive ROI for investors and customers alike