Staying Ahead of Volatile Travel Restrictions: Offering Real-Time Support as a Travel Agent

While the travel industry is being revived, the world in which it is situated has drastically changed. The logistics of crossing U.S. borders are extremely difficult to navigate for travel agents and tour operators, and global lockdowns have altered consumer behavior. After a trying pandemic period, more consumers are looking to book luxury vacations and wellness retreats — and they are looking for highly specific experiences.

In order to stay abreast of volatile regulations, improve communication amid endlessly changing restrictions, and provide vacationers with the personalized vacations they dream of, travel businesses are turning to technology. A CRM solution like Salesforce allows travel agents and operators to connect with travelers at critical junctures and gain a deeper understanding what the consumer of today is looking for.

Readers will also discover:

  • How tour operator, Central Holidays, has skillfully navigated the pandemic
  • Ways Salesforce can deliver vital updates across an entire agency in real-time
  • What a robust IT solution like DeepQuest can offer small and mid-sized travel agencies at a modest cost