Strategic KPIs: An Insurer's Key to Omnichannel Efficiency, Growth, and Profitability

It's a simple reality of change management: leaders can't chart a path towards an ideal future state if they don't know where their organizations currently stand.

To execute a demonstrably successful omnichannel transformation, leaders must establish and track their strategic and operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Otherwise, they might spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars on innovation initiatives — and have no idea whether their efforts have resulted in net positive, neutral, or even negative change.

This white paper will provide an actionable, step-by-step guide on identifying and implementing strategic KPIs. It will further explore:

  • Why transforming without clear KPIs is inadvisable at best
  • Why organizations should avoid tracking all their KPIs at once
  • How we help our clients to implement and execute effective KPI selection processes