Tech-Based Solutions to Accelerate Enrollment: Issuing Acceptances Before the Competition

Education institutions have been in hot water for some time now. Although the pandemic seems to be waning, college enrollment for the 2021 fall semester fell by 3.5% — this shortfall is seven times greater than the decline seen a year before. At the same time, students are applying to more schools, which has led to more competition between institutions.

Interviews with students reveal that communication breakdowns are often responsible for their choice to not enroll with a given school. Advanced conversational chatbots can enhance communication with applicants and expedite the enrollment process at a modest cost. In fact, a public charter school network of a dozen schools in Cleveland saw a 50% reduction in application completion times once it incorporated a chatbot into its enrollment process.

In order to secure students before their competitors do, admissions departments should focus on providing students with an unparalleled and efficient enrollment experience. Applying the principles of the Lean methodology can shed light on problem areas that can be fixed, and turning to Salesforce can solve those problems — resulting in higher rates of enrollment.

Our white paper also delves into:

  • How Miami University’s Lean implementation resulted in US$ 81.4 million in savings
  • Various reasons why students fail to enroll after receiving acceptance letters
  • The approaches institutions are taking to process applications faster