Thriving in an E-Commerce World: Maximizing Brick-and-Mortar Distributors' Value

The pandemic has vigorously accelerated digital advancement in nearly every sector – and the distribution space is no exception. The steady growth of online marketplaces has shaken up brick-and-mortar distribution establishments in an unprecedented fashion.

With over $5 million sellers on its platform, Amazon Business reached $25 billion in annual sales at the end of its first quarter in 2021. Distributors are hyper-aware of consumers’ shift toward the e-commerce model; according to PwC, nearly 70% of all U.S. distributors believe incorporating digital transactions into their sales models is a top priority. To compete with the lower costs e-commerce businesses offer, brick-and-mortar distributors must focus on providing value-added services.

Readers will also learn how physical distributors can:

  • Set themselves apart from online marketplaces
  • Secure repeat customers by fostering loyalty
  • Exceed patrons’ expectations by going the extra mile
  • Expand their local reach