Transform Transaction into Collaboration: Actionalizing Superhuman Service in Distribution

In the wake of pandemic-prompted supply chain disruptions, increasing demand volatility, and competition from digital-forward giants, distributors are struggling to remain competitive. Many organizations have launched digitalization initiatives as a remedy, hoping that by replacing their antiquated systems and manual processes, they will be able to drive better business results. However, some view digitalization as a “miracle fix” administered at implementation – a catastrophic mistake that leaves their teams virtually unsupported.

The purpose of any successful digitalization should be to support and “supercharge” the people on the proverbial ground floor. This white paper will unpack a step-by-step digitalization process that empowers teams to deliver stellar service. We’ll discuss:

  • How to tailor the Salesforce CRM to company operations
  • Why distributors should leverage Salesforce’s analytics to cement themselves as an “oasis in the desert”
  • How sharing internal information with consumers through a Salesforce-powered portal builds stronger customer relationships