Unboxing Automotive Cloud: A Practical Guide

In the fall of 2022, Salesforce debuted Automotive Cloud: a revolutionary CRM designed to provide industry-specific support to organizations in the automotive sector. The product launch was notable news for automotive organizations that previously lacked access to a specialized CRM solution. With Automotive Cloud at hand, dealers and original equipment manufacturers will no longer struggle to achieve visibility into their operations or waste time searching through silos for up-to-date customer information.

The solution promises to usher in a new era of personalized, loyalty-inspiring experiences, well-informed strategic decision-making, and efficient business operations. But for all the value that Automotive Cloud offers, implementing it can seem challenging — however, those of us at Gerent believe that taking advantage of Salesforce doesn’t need to be difficult.

This white paper will:

  • Introduce Automotive Cloud and explain its potential value-add
  • Unpack Automotive Cloud’s industry-leading features
  • Explain how organizations can maximize their time to value with Gerent’s Automotive Cloud Accelerator: a product designed to help organizations achieve the functionality they need quickly and affordably